Our Expertise
Employment Law

Employment is a fundamental aspect of all our lives. Given the rapid changes around us, no one is insulated from employment issues, or from termination by an employer. In addition, the workplace has become a contested environment, subject to intense scrutiny of conduct in relation to claims of harassment or discrimination, or breaches of privacy in the workplace.

Our employment law group acts for a broad range of employers, from small business to public companies, from ordinary workers to senior executives.

We have experience litigating all facets of workplace conflicts including wrongful dismissal, actions and injunctions for breach of non-solicitation and non-competition obligations, complaints under the Human Rights Code, and workplace torts such as claims of harassment, infliction of mental suffering, and intimidation.

It is important that employers make practical cost-effective business discussions in respect of their employee relations and dismissals and litigate only when necessary, in order to protect the employer's interests. Our employment law department provides ongoing advice to employers, and has prepared and reviewed employment contracts, termination letters, independent contractor agreements, and human resources policies and manuals. We have advised employees on their rights at termination, including rights to bonus, incentives, stock options, and pension rights. We also strongly encourage employees to have their offers of employment reviewed prior to accepting employment to protect their rights at termination.

Mr. Dizgun, the Co-Chair of the department is a highly respected member of the Employment Law Bar, and conducts mediations for other Employment Law lawyers pursuant to the mandatory mediation Rules of the Ontario Superior Court. He is also frequently consulted by other employment lawyers in complex cases.

Our group is prepared to consider contingency fee and alternative fee agreements in accordance with Law Society an statutory requirements.